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Last Updated on June 14,2018
General Inquiries

I'm new to your site. Where do I begin?
We have many services and options in our site, If you are wanting to book us click here. If you are wanting to purchase a product we have to offer click Here. If you are interested in one of our courses click Here. 

Why purchase from Seventh Design Motors?
Seventh Design Motors was founded with the customer in mind. We take pride of our work and our services. You can res assure that if our founder, Jay is not happy with the quality being delivered he will make it right. 

Company Policies

Do you Offer Phone Support and/ or have a Phone Number I can call?
Yes feel free to call us at 832-498-7088 and we will be happy to answer any questions

How do I request a Donation and/or Sponsorship from your company?
Please email any Donation and sponsorship to

What Products are 'Customizable'?
If paint stick we paint it.

Order Timeline/Status Updates 

I placed an order last week and am wondering when I will receive my purchase?
If we encountered any problems that might effect the shipping date we already sent you a courtesy email. If you have received an email and would like to discuss your options please feel free to contact us at 832-498-7088

This is a gift, Is there anyway you can expedite my order?
Absolutely, on check out just check the box labeled; expedited shipping 

After Placing my Order, will I receive Confirmation regarding my order from the company?
Yes you will receive a confirmation email and as well a thank you email. We will follow up on your purchased items once delivery is completed with a tracking number. 

Custom Orders

I was Wondering if you can design Something that is not on your /website?
Yes, we accept as many references as possible. the more reference pictures the better we can understand your vision. 

Can you paint a picture I have?
Yes we can create an identical image onto any canvas you desire. 

I have a Item I want you Guys to Paint?
Please contact to discus your project. If you decide to send us your item please contact us with a tracking number and details how you would like us to send your items back. 

Can I ship my parts in?
Absolutely, When you decide to send us your items please contact us with a tracking number and details how you would like us to send your items back.
What can you paint?
We are able to paint anything that paint sticks to it. 

How do you charge?
We usually quote projects on an hour basis. If we encounter any problem that may add to the invoice we will contact you to discus any options. 


Do you accept insurance claims?
Yes, We work with many insurance companies. We work with your case and work fast to get you back on the road. 

How long will it take to complete?
Each project has a different time frame. We do not accept work if we have doubts in meeting the due date

Is my car/motorcycle safe?
Our Insured property is gated and monitored 24hrs with a close circuit system. 

Can I send you my parts?
Yes, We accept many items by mail. We can also schedule a method to send them back safe and secured. 

Do I have to buy my own parts?
No, Based on your order we are able to purchase the specific product you would like and add the artwork to it.

Can you install my parts?
Yes depending on the part in questioning. If we are unable to complete your request we are able to recommend a third party to complete the request. 

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